What we offer our clients:

First Aid

Fire Safety


Safer moving & handling

Risk Assessments

All courses

Why Choose PTS?

  • Risk Assessment and Checks at your workplace
  • All trainers have years of experience & Emergency service background
  • GP Owned
  • Great value for money
  • Able to offer all mandatory training as required 
  • Fully Accredited by FAIB and FOFATO
  • All of our courses meet the HSE’s guidelines
  • On/off site training available


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"It took me a while to find an organisation that was willing to deliver a talk that was in alignment with the topics we would like to cover. The instructor was amazing, he was patient, engaging, funny, and extremely knowledgeable, and he made allowances for language barriers and cultural differences. If this service were offered to everyone then I am sure many lives would be saved. I cannot recommend your training sessions highly enough. Thank you ever so much!"

(CPR/AED Training) Nov 2019


‘Very helpful and interesting trainer, full of knowledge’ 

(First Aid Training) Oct 2019


‘Easy to learn environment.  The information was broken down and easy to understand’

(First Aid at Work) Nov 2019


‘Tony was very knowledgeable and made the training easy & interesting’ 

(Fire Safety Training) Dec 2019


‘Very good trainer; made things interesting and kept everyone alert.’

(Fire Safety Training) Dec 2019


‘Very informative and inclusive of all attendees’

(CPR/AED training) Jan 2020